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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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award winning documentary and live news on air and online. and. look the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part one people in power on al-jazeera. we will not accept a nuclear armed north korea. the us secretary of state says the bank of a meeting on north korea has agreed that china and russia must fully apply un sanctions on pyongyang.
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follow on down jordan this is out of there alive from doha also coming up hong kong's high court a sentence pro-democracy activist josh along just three months in prison. is providing vital services to the palestinian refugee population the u.n. says a decision by the united states to cut funding for palestinian refugees will affect stability in the region. and another crisis for yemen as the world health organization says the diphtheria outbreak is spreading fast. your secular state rex tillerson is calling on the world to step up pressure on north korea until it abandons its nuclear program he's joined representatives of nineteen other nations to discuss ways of tightening sanctions on pyongyang was in jordan reports. a show of diplomatic commitment in vancouver to ending north
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korea's nuclear weapons program but the meeting co-hosted by canada and the united states yielded just one new tactic for the fight an agreement to prevent so-called ship to ship transfers of outlawed goods to p. on yon i think we all agreed together with our partners here that the timing has turned out to be really for to attack us because we are seeing we we want to be clear headed we don't want to be in any way pollyannas about this but i think we collectively believe that the peaceful pressure is beginning to have an impact north koreans know our channels are open and they know where to find us but a sustained cessation of north korea's threatening behavior is necessary is a necessary indicator of whether the regime is truly ready to pursue a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the security threat that it has created our
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nations must remain united on sustaining pressure until north korea takes concrete steps toward and ultimately reaches didn't. thank russia and china were excluded from the meeting only countries that supported seoul during the korean war were invited to the gathering in moscow and beijing said this one sided event could aggravate tensions however two of north korea's neighbors said now was a good time as any to tell people yong to abandon its nuclear ambitions we should not be naive about their intent nor should we be blinded by north korea's charm offensive in short it is not the time to pressure or to reword no it's career we stand ready to provide a brighter future for north korea if it makes the right choice. analysts said the bank hoover meeting won't be a major venue for resolving the north korea question but it isn't
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a waste of time either if the clouds can part just a wee bit with a little bit of sunshine coming in then those countries are going to be necessary whether it's to talk about verification or whether it's to talk about new forms of economic assistance to north korea that could be part of the opening process the u.s. and canada have promised to brief china and russia on the discussions held here on tuesday it's not clear whether this gathering will have turned out to be instrumental or simply a side bar to diplomatic efforts at the u.n. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera vancouver well we have two correspondents following the story rob mcbride is in china i will go to him in a moment but first kathy novak joins us from the south korean capital seoul cathy so rex tillerson was asked about the difference in policy between the u.s. and its allies south korea how is seoul handling those issues cathy. yes the question is around the fact that the u.s. is pushing for this campaign of maximum pressure and of sanctions against north
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korea while south korea is conducting talks with north korea and pushing a campaign of more engagement and dialogue rex tillerson though when asked about it said that there is no difference between the policies of the u.s. and south korea and south korea's foreign minister made similar remarks saying that these campaigns actually go hand in hand that ultimately the goal of the sanctions and pressure campaign is to bring a north korea to the negotiating table so right now there is another round of talks going on between north korea and south korea regarding the north's participation in the winter olympics and what south korea hopes is that this thawing relations here on the peninsula will bring about the circumstance in which there may be talks in future about denuclearization dare i kept you as you say the two koreas are meeting again today what more do we know that they'll be talking about. well
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a lot is around the logistics of the north's participation so there have been suggestions of the two koreas appearing together in the opening ceremony the suggestion of a joint women's ice hockey team and the other portion of discussions will be around transportation accommodation costs issues like that and one of the issues for south korea is how to help north korea participate while not violating un sanctions and also perhaps unilateral sanctions that south korea has imposed itself south korea had suggested that it may be able to go beyond the sanctions that are imposed by this country including perhaps see travel when it comes to the olympics but it will not go against any of the u.n. sanctions that have been imposed which were the very topic of discussion of this summit in vancouver derren or roger kathy novak there in the south korean capital seoul county thank you let's join rob mcbride now he's live for us from dun dong rob the chinese weren't invited to this conference and i was beijing viewing this
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summit. they have not treated this very well it has not been received very well at all i think it's true to say daryn it's received something of a lashing in the official media here state run television common trees in government run newspapers they have branded this a kind of a cold war mentality on the part of the participants really asking why when things seem to be improving in terms of relations with north korea would america and its allies want to jeopardize that i think there's a lot of concern here about just what this use of naval forces to enforce the embargoes the sanctions would really look like out on the high seas the last thing china wants is extra elements of the u.s. seventh fleet fleet being deployed to the east china or yellow sea separating china and korea it increases as far as china is concerned the risk of some sort of
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accidental confrontation and then also there's the problem of implementation just what happens if the u.s. navy or its allies try to intercept a chinese freighter what happens also if there's a chinese naval vessel nearby does it then lead to that naval vessel intervening so an awful lot of problems here for china to contend with should there be this enforcement of sanctions of course as far as the u.s. and its allies are concerned they're merely doing what the chinese authorities haven't been doing and simply turning a blind eye towards robin we know that china is the biggest trading partner with north korea but how how strictly are those u.n. sanctions being inforced by beijing because there are suspicions of sanctions violations. well china officially says it is applying fully all of the u.n. sanctions it points in fact to a big drop in trade just last month and that overall though over the past year
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trade has dropped by around ten percent of course as you mentioned there china is vital to north korea to keeping the regime going to propping up the regime but there is always a suspicion that companies individuals are getting around some of these sanctions and that china isn't doing enough to clamp down on that we're here in dandong this is one of the main crossing points the main points at which supplies are getting into north korea and some of the more conspicuous businesses here such as some of the more famous north korean restaurants which are important money earner for north korea they do seem to have closed some of the trading companies which are more prominent in trade between china and north korea they too seem to have closed down but the suspicion always is that these companies merely have changed their names or management structure and that they are still somehow getting around the embargo and the from china's perspective when it comes to those goods commodities which they
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can legally supply to north korea they continue to do so because china of course the last thing they want is to have some sort of collapse in the north korean regime all right there in dandong rob thank you. now comes high court to sentence pro-democracy activist joshua wong to three months in prison wong and fifteen others were charged with criminal contempt for refusing to leave a protest site during the twenty fourteen revolution those sentenced to jail terms in that case will be immediately imprisoned let's go straight to difficult pollin hong kong divya what more details are emerging about these present terms and what's the background to this case. well daryn like you said there were sixteen you're in the dock waiting to be sentenced to jail sentences were handed down the rest were given suspended sentences or fines the two sentences are two joshua long that now quite famous student leader that led the
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pro-democracy protests of twenty fourteen and the other rafael one who is also well known in hong kong for being one of the student leaders spearheading those protests . these charges stemming from two thousand and fourteen when bailiffs were instructed to clear one of the protest sites this is in the main protest site there's another smaller protest site and apparently joshua was raphael wong and the others had stopped the police from clearing it or had resisted burning to the judge they were given several warnings to leave the protest site and they refused to move and therefore they are now in contempt so they've had pleaded guilty all joshua eleven of them pleaded guilty including joshua won and iran fell one that was nearly two years ago when they were first charged and david just briefly why is the sentencing taken so long and where does this now leave the pro-democracy movement.
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you know daryn that's a very interesting question and many skeptics are saying part of the reason could be because many of those who are in the court right behind me were under the age of twenty one until very recently so sentencing them before they turn twenty one men that they wouldn't. be given jail terms under hong kong law they would be allowed to be sent to jail so there is speculation that the sentencing could be handed down now when many of them particularly joshua wong and rafael want both with very strong political ambitions have now turned twenty one what's also interesting is the type of sentences being given according to hong kong law if they go to jail for more than three months they are not allowed to run for office for five years so it's interesting that joshua is being given three months while rafael one who is contesting by elections that's coming up in march has given four and a half months just above that mark so many of the pro-democracy camp and critics say sentencing has taken this long and the type of sentences that have been given
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are minutes dissuade them from any of their political and to. thank you. know a military court in thailand has decided not to prosecute a historian for insulting the monarchy so lots of iraq was charged after he commented on a battle that happened more than four hundred years ago the eighty five year old has been in and out of court since twenty fourteen as live for us in bangkok scott so what more can you tell us about this case. just one for the court room just behind me the military court room just behind me within the last half hour and then about fifteen minutes later he came out and that's when we got word that the military court will not go forward with this trial now it's a lesson majesté case and that is it's called one one two and that is insulting the monarchy and they say that they lack the evidence to pursue this case to move forward with this trial we're nearly supposed to hear about that if the trial was going to move forward back in december but there was a delay and today
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a very very short hearing he came out spoke with the media here he said he believes that the current king rama ten intervened he petitioned to the king asking for the this case to be dismissed and he believes that the king was involved in the fact that this was this case will not move forward again that that announcement is coming the last twenty minutes there are to scott thank you. well time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back another crisis for yemen as a to fear outbreak takes hold affecting almost seven hundred people plus why these people are protesting on the streets of boston on a day before the regional parliament is to be sworn in on that state. hello there we're seeing a little bit more in the way of snow work its way across north america at the
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moment mostly out of this weather system here it's still giving us some fairly heavy snow in places as it gradually eases towards that eastern coast eventually though as we head through wednesday into thursday it should clear away meanwhile the weather in the west is so putting itself together wednesday we're just seeing a little bit of rain across that far western coast more snow inland and then that really pushes in as we head through thursday and this will give us some fairly hefty downpours at times and some fairly strong winds as well this huge central belt so generally quite quiet weather wise but certainly not warm chicago is a maximum just minus one of a further towards the south it has been a fair amount of rain across this belt over the past few weeks or so we're still seeing a few showers around the bahamas there for the heavier rain as we head through wednesday into thursday will be a bit further towards the west four hundred as it really does look very wet we're also expecting yet more heavy rain of parts of costa rica and panama wants more they further towards the south and we've still got our showers through possibility or through paraguayan into the southern parts of brazil plenty of showers here
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we're also seeing a few more showers a bit further south as well some of those very very lively particularly in the northwestern parts of argentina will be dry for suborning salaries by thursday. on the fringes of some of this mega city. make a slum is perched on stilts. but the cities are beginning to develop even areas where the. architect of the army is offering more sustainable solution unities the state of the title change. the law could have to continue working. this time on a just. a
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quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is calling on the world to step up pressure on north korea and abandons its nuclear program he's joined representatives of nineteen other nations in vancouver to discuss ways of tightening sanctions on pyongyang. hong kong's high court to sentence pro-democracy activists joshua long to three months in prison long and fifteen others but charged with criminal contempt for a fusing to leave a protest site during the twenty fourteen umbrella revolution. and a militia court in thailand has decided not to prosecute a historian for insulting the monarchy of sue knox of iraq that was charged after he commented on a battle that happened more than four hundred years ago. now the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees is one that reduced u.s.
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assistance will threaten regional security the trump administration has announced it will withhold hof of the financial aid it had allocated to the agency didn't want to get into james bays has been following the story from u.n. headquarters in new york. after years of conflict and poverty millions of palestinians rely on they will be devastated by this announcement or an element of a they should not cut the aid people here are sick and poor and have nothing to support themselves people here can afford to buy bread so why does the u.s. say it's taking this action it has long been a concern of this administration here in the administration about annorah and how it handles itself and how it manages its money under the u.n. relief and works agency for palestinian refugees to give it its full title is one of the oldest agencies in the u.n. system founded almost seventy years ago the u.s. has been its biggest funder providing money for among other things clinics schools
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and social services for palestinians beyond the borders of the territory long disputed by palestinians and israelis and neighboring countries jordan and lebanon it is under a knot the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. that helps palestinians living in camps news of the cuts to the agency's funding started to emerge as a news conference by the un secretary general was underway in new york it's clear antonio could terrorists was not given advance notice by washington. i mean i've been in close contact with. what you are saying now i was not yet informed so no no official no i mean at all there might be something that i do not know because i mean it's impossible to kompany zings by the minute. until i was informed there was no official notification of the position but it might have happened. there is a political as well as humanitarian dimension to this president trump has said he
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hopes to get the deal of the century between the israelis and the palestinians and yet this announcement hot on the heels of his recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital has alienated one side making efforts to get the peace process back on track harder than ever jamesburg al-jazeera at the united nations well christopher gunness is the chief spokesman for he says the organizations working to extend its donor base to try and fill the gap we defend to the hilt are neutral role do you really think that would have had access war zones in the battlefields of syria in places like aleppo if there was any question about the neutrality the fact is that there are standards if you shall a team which we rigorously uphold the world health organization is warning that a defamer outbreak in yemen is spreading quickly almost seven hundred people have now been affected forty eight have died from the disease in the past four months
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and how data of the worst hit of the nineteen affected regions but there's some better news on the aid front the saudi led coalition now says it will allow for cranes at the port or for data to begin operating and they'll be used to offload food and medicines and as mohammed jam john reports that aid can't come soon enough . amid the worst humanitarian crisis in the world what could be a sliver of hope these four to donald cranes which have just arrived at her data port in yemen funded by the united states agency for international development will significantly increase the floating capacity here at the border to ease congestion and improve ultimately improve delivery of humanitarian and other supplies to the people who desperately need it across yemen the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in northern yemen is
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promising to allow the cranes to begin offloading food medicine and other basic necessities there have been guarantees before but aid hasn't always flowed it can't come soon enough this is very welcome news when needed by fox and us yemen they want to make the best not to give you what used to come and you know sort of the majority of the nation. the international committee of the red cross stresses however that while aid is arriving in yemen it's not coming quick enough. in the city of tire is dozens of protesters demonstrated against what they said is government negligence government leaders are accused of failing to control the collapse of the national currency or protect yemenis from rising food prices the companies that human he didn't need is not enough this is a country of twenty seven even so many different agencies enough fuel and food and medicine for the whole country what we need is for collusion. and the let will
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those inside of fish. the poorest country in the middle east is facing multiple crises the worst cholera epidemic ever recorded and a diptheria outbreak that is spreading quickly in a country with some of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world and where more than eight million people are on the brink of famine a new report by unicef details how children have been scarred by war and says that since the escalation of the conflict in march two thousand and fifteen three million children have been born in yemen that's approximately three thousand every day unicef says more than eleven million yemeni children need humanitarian assistance just one of the many reasons why few believe the suffering of the yemeni people will end any time soon mohammed atta. a member of the qatari rule family who said he was being held against his will in the united arab emirates has
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not been released should have been fanny has now left of a dobie for kuwait on sunday here east a video statement saying that if anything were to happen to him qatar would not be at fault the u.a.e. had denied the allegations saying he was free to leave whenever he wanted too. spanish m.p.'s elected in the catalan regional vote last month will be sworn in on wednesday but parliament's expected to be emptier than usual as many who won seats are either in jail or self-imposed exile facing criminal investigation following october's outlawed succession referendum. reports. so far the chance of freedom for the prisoners have been ignored as catalonia is parliament reopens handful of elected separate as politicians remain in jail others fled abroad. demonstrations we are trying to. keep we can say the flame you know but if someone things that. will give
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up they don't know. the first task the members of parliament on wednesday is to choose a parliamentary speaker next devote is needed for the new head of the cattle and government but it's complicated madrid shut down this parliament last october rested cattle and leaders for rebellion after they held a referendum to break away from the rest of spain in a snap election last month the citizens party which favors remaining part of spain emerged as the biggest single party but a coalition of separatist parties seem certain to form a ruling majority. ahead of the new session of parliament separatist politicians headed into closed door meetings the key concern seemed to be how to press ahead with the goal of breaking away from spain. obstacles are a constant issue you will have to look for new solutions but we have never rejected
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the idea of negotiations but the only thing that the spanish state offices is prison and direct rule. the ousted catalan first minister. remains in self-imposed exile in belgium judges war he will be arrested if he returns to take his seat in the council and parliament separatist party say they will try to reinstate this first minister but the pro unity citizens party fears that would aggravate the crisis. the separatists parties are used to breaking the law so it's difficult to know exactly what they will do next mr puts a. universe like in the movie the matrix. groups of schoolchildren continue to talk parliament this week to learn how do you want a building began assault weapons and ammunition store none of the guides were predicting what might happen in the next chapter in catalonia as political battle.
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al jazeera barcelona spain where many of the protesters in catalonia were on the streets specifically to support to the imprisoned pro independence politicians jodie sanchez and georgia have been in prison for three months and they face charges of submission for their roles in organizing the referendum last october the french president has called on the u.k. to do more about refugees and migrants trying to make it to britain via kalai emanuel macro said he would discuss the issue with the british prime minister to resign may on thursday but has more now from the caliphate. emmanuel mccall began the day meeting refugees at a state shelter in northern france exactly. to the same region some regions of the one for them later in the port of cali the french president met politicians charity workers and police people here are fed up that hundreds of refugees continue to come to canada to try and reach the u.k. macross said he will ask britain to do more to help when he meets prime minister to
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resign may on thursday. better manage the issue of unaccompanied minors reinforce police cooperation in cali and with countries of origin and transit on block funds to support important projects for the development of kalar simulating. police say that more than one hundred fifteen thousand attempts were made by refugees to reach the u.k. last year now that britain's voted to leave the european union many here say it's time to scrap the u.k.'s calley border britain's border here was agreed to under a two thousand and three franco british steel two k. accorded allows british police and customs officers to operate on the french authorities since then things have changed with the refugee crisis and brags that and now many people in palo saying that the u.k. must manage its border on its own territory because it's attention. we need to get rid of this border it will make britain more accessible for the migrants who want
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to go there if the border goes it will make things easier here. so it's time to move the border the situation in careless becoming unmanageable in terms of security my little girl and i can't go out alone because of what's happening. mike ross says france will do more to help asylum seekers but he's ruled out building a refugee camp in cali and promised to crack down on illegal immigrants maya can forty is one of several activists who refused to meet the president she's angry that conditions for refugees are worse than ever you know we had the models in miles and miles of fences and barbed wire in cali and when is that going to stop when it clearly does not work i mean it still it diminishes the number of people who are here but with this still come macro will hope that this visit will put pressure on britain to reach a deal for cali but until best certainty over what breaks its means calley status
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as a symbol of europe's refugee crisis seems secure natasha buchla al-jazeera. donald trump has completed his first periodic medical exam as u.s. president the white house doctor ronnie jackson says trumps an excellent medical condition he also said the president took a cognitive test to put questions about his mental health to rest all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen. the address al jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com. ok recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is calling on the world to step up pressure on north korea that abandons its nuclear program he's joined representatives of nineteen other nations to discuss ways of tightening sanctions on pyongyang. we
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agree that the need for u.n. member states especially china and russia to fully implemented agreed upon sanctions is essential to their success we discuss the importance of working together to counter sanctions evasion and smuggling. and we also issued a call to action to strengthen global maritime interdiction operations to for oil illicit ship to ship transfers hong kong's high court to sentence the pro-democracy activist josh along to three months in prison wong and fifteen others were charged with criminal contempt for refusing to leave a protest site join the twenty fourteen umbrella revolution those sentenced to jail terms in that case would be immediately imprisoned. a military court in thailand has decided not to prosecute a historian for insulting the monarchy so luck was charged after he commented on a battle that happened more than four hundred years ago eighty five year old has been in and out of court since twenty fourteen. the un relief and works agency for
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palestinian refugees says reduced u.s. assistance will threaten regional security follows an announcement by the trumpet ministration that it will withhold hoth of the financial aid to allocated to the agency diplomatic editor james bays has more from un headquarters in new york. the u.s. state department says the decision is aimed at encouraging other countries to also provide aid to the palestinians this is not aimed at punishing anyone the united states government and the trumpet ministration believe that there should be more at so called burden sharing to go around and the world health organization is warning a defeat outbreak in yemen is spreading quickly almost seven hundred people have now been affected forty eight have died from the disease in the past four months and the french president is calling on the u.k. to do more about refugees and migrants trying to make it to britain via kalai emanuel mccomb who has met some of them in the port city says he would discuss the
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issue with the british prime minister to reason may on thursday well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rebel architecture staging. a year in power america's controversy old president continues to polarize opinion. in a week of special reports al-jazeera examines his impact at home and around the globe . donald trump's first year on al-jazeera. architecture has only has defined the human world from the simplest strong chance to the greatest monument. bought rebellion is underway. led by a new breed of architects the puts people before i've gone. off to texas using the tools of their trade to least.


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